One of my most frequent questions is whether sweeteners gain weight. My answer is partly yes and partly no. Because the word sweetener does not refer to a single substance. In other words, we see that many items are sold under the sweetener family these days. Some types can also sabotage your diet in the same way, although they claim they don't raise blood sugar like sugar.

There are not many dietary reasons to prevent you from replacing the sugar in your drinks with sweeteners. But I don't think these sweeteners are healthy. Although sugar may cause an increase in your insulin level, although it may seem innocent, it is thought by doctors that some of them may cause serious problems.

So at this point, if the goal is a healthy life, my answer will be no to sweeteners. I don't like sweeteners.

Be aware that many sweeteners today contain artificially produced mixtures such as aspartame and sucralose, and you should not use them regularly. Many studies have gone so far as to call them poisons like sugar. If you have any doubts, search for the name of your favorite sweetener in the search engines and read the scientific article if any. (Yes, I know search engines do not get health advice, but you can access some scientific publications.)

Or ask your doctor because he may have read many articles about this subject before you and can guide you right.

Your main goal is to completely remove table sugar from your diet. Everything that contains sugar will badly affect the system in your body, causing you countless damage. It will also stop your fat burning with the speed of light and cause you to store fat.

They say that you can try natural sweeteners for a while instead of artificial sweeteners in your process of getting rid of the sugar. Frankly, I have doubts about how natural they call it natural.

Let's say they are natural! Do you think everything natural is healthy?

I don't think so. Mushrooms exist naturally can kill you! Some mushrooms naturally nourish you, support your diet. Therefore, I think that the word "natural" is used as an advertisement material beyond its meaning.

As a result, I am against all of the sweeteners. It is not right for me to sweeten a food you eat or drink with the method of adding afterward.

Stay with Love and Health,

Sencer Bulut