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Certificates and Courses completed:

  • London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine – Programming for Nutrition Outcome, UK – 2019
  • Harvard School of Public Health – Evidence-Based Optimum Nutrition, USA – 2019
  • Stanford University – Introduction to Food and Health, USA – 2019
  • Taipei Medical University – Nutrition and Disease Prevention, Taiwan – 2019
  • Doane University – Lifestyle Medicine Core Principles, USA – 2019
  • John Academy – Weight Loss Coaching Diploma, UK – 2019
  • Alison – Introduction to Human Nutrition, UK – 2019
  • Adnan Menderes University – Nutrition Coaching, TR – 2019
  • British Nutrition Foundation – A Matter of Fat, UK – 2018
  • British Nutrition Foundation – The Science of Dietary Fiber and Digestive Health, UK – 2018
  • Nutrition Network – The Professional Training in Low Carbohydrate High Fat Ketogenic Patient Treatment, SA – 2018
  • Yeditepe University – NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), TR – 2018
  • ER – Herbs and Supplements Certification, USA – 2016
  • Precision Nutrition – Level 1 Certification, Canada – 2013
  • International Fitness Association – Sports Nutritionist, USA – 2011
  • Nesta – Fitness Nutrition Coach, USA – 2011
  • Nesta – Lifestyle & Weight Management Specialist, USA – 2008
  • ER – Sports Nutrition Certification, USA – 2008
  • International Fitness Association – Sports Nutritionist, USA – 2008


  • “Aslında Diyet” Book Published in 2015 & Sold 3500 Copies
  • More than 50 Written Articles in Newspapers such as Hurriyet, Sabah & Haberturk

More than 40 Presentation LCHF & Fat Loss, Intermittent Fasting & Benefits, Reversing Type 2 Diabetes, Ketogenic Diet & Athletic Performance

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Customers Who Love us

Before meeting Sencer Bulut I used to take 3 sugars in my tea or coffee. I would have hunger headaches if I skipped lunch. My dinners always included dishes like pilaf, pasta, fries, etc. Of course, with all these gaining weight was unavoidable.

One day Dr. Sencer told me to leave these behind, do sports, eat healthy…

He asked for the impossible, but I trusted in him and stopped eating sugar at once. I moved to a completely healthy breakfast and zero bread. Lunch also became history. My dinners are vegetable and meat affairs. Again, zero bread. Followed by a walk.

With all these for 2 months, and the result is 14 kilograms lost… Thank you…

Murat Ozgenler

It has been 15 days and I lost 5 kilograms. All this without doing any classical dieting, but only changing my eating habits. This is super. Thank you very much.

I understand now… there are many wrongs I thought was right.

Suat Hakan Senturk
KVK Technical Services – General Manager

I met Sencer Bulut 5 weeks ago through my trainer. I never saw a dietician or did any diet through my life. I found the nutrition advice of Sencer Bulut very scientific and I found it very agreeable. I must confess through the days I spent enjoyably by doing intensive sports I lost weight very quickly without even feeling any sense of hunger. This was a very motivating process for me. In addition, Sencer Bulut approaches this matter very professionally. At the end of the day I lost 7 kilograms in a healthy manner, even though my aim was to get fit, not to lose weight. I thank him for all his support.

Hakan İpekçiler
Medical Supervisor

I found the opportunity to correct many wrongs I knew as rights under direction of Sencer Bulut. I can see that when I go to sleep early and have a good sleep my body wants to wake up early in the morning. I used to think after exercise and a carbohydrate-free breakfast I would have low energy through the day. I continued this tempo 4-5 days a week for a month. My only loss was in my weight from 82 kg. to 78 kg. and in my fat ratio from 13.2% to 12%. Sufficient nutrition did not cause any muscle loss, while the carbohydrates and sugars I did not eat did not make me feel I lacked energy.

Tufan Mahmutçebi
THY - Steward

Hello, I am 29 and an actress. I have to lose weight for a film called Fanus. I started the process at 58.1 kg. My height is 1.73 m, I currently continue the process at 54.6 kg. I have to play a very thin person in the movie, and the most important thing for me is to achieve this goal without damaging my psychology and my body. I want to thank Mr. Sencer for making me feel completely safe in this regard and tirelessly answering all my questions day or night. With my thanks to Mr. Sencer.

Sitare Akbaş

I met Sencer Bulut at a time when I practiced 6 meals per day model under supervisions of a dietician but still failed to return to my weight before giving birth. Beyond eating order, Sencer changed my views on the entire food and health sector. My digestive system improved, my immune system became stronger, my performance and sleep quality increased. In addition to nutrition and sports, he keeps his clients updated on global nutrition sector, data analysis, intensive monitoring, and many other aspects beyond weight loss, which I believe to be a very important factor. He is very different from classic experts and nutrition coaches. Thanks to Sencer I managed to go down to a weight even lower than my weight before giving birth, and most importantly he taught me to establish my own system and know my own body. I deeply trust his knowledge and experience.

Gonca Alp

As a sports scientist and a former national swimmer, balanced and regular nutrition was an integral part of my sports life. Up to date I worked as conditioning coach for more than fifty national athletes in different branches, and had the opportunity to work with many nutrition experts. However, I always had question marks in my head. I had ideological differences. Until I learned about current scientific knowledge from Dr. Sencer and met the Low Carb – High Fat nutrition model. There are so many wrongs we thought as right until today. Thank you, Sencer Bulut!

Hilmican Varol
Genetic Trainer & National Swimmer