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Sencer Bulut is a highly seasoned nutrition specialist with loads of professional experience. He delivers excellent healthcare plans to patients who suffer from insulin resistance, diabetes and obesity issues using which they can improve weight, enhance performance and follow healthy dietary practices. He is an expert in developing and executing maintenance  plans with suitable nutritional programs.

Some of his key accomplishments include but not limited to the following:

He has helped people get relief from Type 2 Diabetes  by conducting 40+ presentations for fat loss / diet. Helps patients optimize their ketogenic diet, athletic performances. He also helps people recover from irregular habits by giving them proper motivation.

He is a published author and his book “Aslinda Diyet” has sold over 3500 copies in Turkey and helped numerous people achieve healthy lifestyle through healthy diet.

He is a Sports Nutritionist & Health Coach.

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Our Qualification



Excellent dietary plans personalized to your specific needs helping you achieve your fitness goals faster.


Workout plans that best fits your needs and that could really make a difference for you.


Unmatched support throughout to ensure you stay motivated all through to get the best results.


Always ready to answer your queries and address your fitness concerns to ensure that you are staying on track.


All the diet plans provided are highly effective based on scientific approach and absolutely safe.


Diet plans delivered by fully qualified and experienced health coach enabling you to get excellent value for your money achieving the results you want.

Customer Story

Story Of Success

I definitely learned about nutrition from him.
I lost 10 kilograms in a very short time.
Now I don’t have a tummy.
I can go with less sleep.
My memory recovered.
My insulin resistance has completely recovered.
I don’t feel tired all the time anymore.
I believe I earned a longer and healthier life.
Thank you, Sencer Bulut!

Tan Erim
MGA Group of Companies - CEO
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Arsun Aysal
Rolls Royce Türkiye - Member of the Board

I removed sugar from my life with Sencer Bulut. I got used to live without sugar in 21 days. When I say sugar I mean all forms of sugar that you can think of. I can proudly say my weight finally went down to two digits first time in 7 years. People notice the change in me. Now I eat in accord with my biological clock and pass the day with little food. Meanwhile, I did not do any sports. But I will start. Because sports do not look difficult to me anymore. I do not feel unmotivated for anything. Naturally, I started gluten-free life and I have lost 20 kilograms up to this point.

Burak Akın
Personal Trainer

As a person with almost a decade of professional basketball experience, I can say my body composition was almost completely overhauled in 6 months thanks to Sencer. We used many exercise models, many systems and we applied very wrong nutrition diets for long years in ignorance, thinking they were right. However, with Sencer  I moved outside the beaten path, lowered carbohydrates under 50 g. and increased high quality saturated fats a little and I saw an incredible shrinking in my waist area and I did not have any losses in my weight exercises, which made me very happy. I thank Sencer for enlightening us with the new scientific knowledge.

Melodi Turkili
NOA Agency - CEO

I felt myself healthier than ever before. In addition to losing weight without getting tired or constrained, my daily energy has also risen quite high. Problems like low blood sugar in the evenings or having trouble getting up in the morning have disappeared. I started to feel more vigorous through the day.

My life habits have changed, and this has positively affected many aspects of my life. Many thanks to Sencer Bulut.